Welcome aboard new pirates!

There are seven new teachers at Marshfield High School for the 2022-2023 school year, the most there has been in several years. 

Ann Barker, an MHS graduate, is excited to return to her alma mater to teach math. Barker has always felt that her career should be put towards helping those around her, and wished to instill the love of learning in students across the nation. Years previous, she was a P.E. teacher at North Bend High School. 

Yet another MHS graduate is Brett Aakre. He found his spark during his senior year, as a leader with a talent for singing. Now, he continues his love for music as the director for MHS choir and New Horizons vocal ensemble. He also teaches music to the sixth graders at Sunset Middle School. Aakre encourages any students who have a passion for music to join the choir. 

Andrew Post has become a well-remembered name since his bout as a substitute teacher for most of the 2021-2022 school year. He is the new MHS technology teacher. His plan for this year is to shape not only the young minds of today, but also the entirety of the technology program. 

New MHS science teacher, Jennifer ViksneHill, is far from local. She was born in New York and raised in Germany, but has always had her eye on MHS. Now that she’s in Coos Bay, she’s thrilled that she gets the opportunity to teach her favorite subject. One of the biggest goals she has for this year is to encourage everyone she can to pursue a career in biology. 

Cherie Godley is a Coquille High School graduate with an affinity for all things related to physical education. She originally began teaching in Coquille, fell in love with teaching and plans to continue her reign at MHS, where she will make connections with students that drive them to do their best. 

New English teacher Kathryn Hillenhagen will be teaching freshman and sophomore English. Although late to arrive in the school year, as a past MHS graduate she is familiar with the school.

Kelsey Laird, new Student Base Business and Youth Transition Program educator, was unable to comment due to schedule conflicts.