The 5th Wave Movie Review

“The 5th Wave” is your typical post-apocalyptic, fight for survival action movie. In the beginning, main character Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) is portrayed as your usual teenager who attends parties and drinks with friends, as well as has a crush football star Ben Parish (Nick Robinson). However her “normal” life abruptly ends when a strange metal object appears above the Earth. With this comes the waves brought on by aliens known as “the others.” The first wave shut down all the power in the world and brought darkness and destruction with it. Then, the second wave caused a massive earthquake and tsunami, wiping out homes and coastal cities. Then came the third wave, which brought an airborne disease to thousands of people continuing to wipe out the human race. Next came the fourth wave, invasion; the world is in panic as they were informed that “the others” were among them. Finally the fifth in which all the children are brought to an army base to be trained to form an army of brainwashed killing machines.
The majority of the movie is based around Cassie finding her younger brother Sam Sullivan (Zachary Arthur) after being separated at a refugee camp. In her hunt for her brother, Cassie teams up with Evan Walker (Alex Roe) to continue her search.

Although the movie was filled with action and a few different surprising points, it was also was somewhat predictable. There seems to be so many movies that involve the end of the world and it being up to one person to save everyone. So, this movie tends to fit that cookie cutter mold at certain points. It also seems to die in the middle of the movie and then pick up at the end, but in turn leaves you with a cliffhanger. Overall, the movie was good, but it could have been given more of a story line and should have paid more attention to the main details that are presented in the book.