Exchange student participates in The Voice Jr.



Congratulations, you have won a spot on The Voice Jr.
This is what senior foreign exchange student Line Kristensen was told late one Thursday evening.

Kristensen lives in Silkborg, Denmark and has been singing her whole life. Kristensen said musically she was inspired by her older sister Camilla.

When she was 10 years old she was put into a music school, attending group lessons for a year. Later, her teacher suggested she begin private lessons which she continued for three to four years.

She then made her way into what is considered the best music school in Silkborg. In this elite school she was in a group of 15 singers, complete with an entire band and dancers.

Kristensen’s journey toward becoming a The Voice Jr. contestant began when her sister convinced her she should send an audition video to the show. Originally, Kristensen wanted to be on the X-Factor, but wasn’t quite old enough.

“I was unsure about sending in an audition because I am very shy on stage,” Kristensen said.

When the deadline for auditions arrived, Kristensen decided to go for it and hope for the best. She was then picked to be interviewed, and it was later decided she made a good candidate for a contestant on the Voice Jr. Though similar to the American version of The Voice, The Voice Jr. is only for contestants ages eight to fourteen.

“Thursday night I was sitting watching T.V. when all these T.V. guys came running into my house and told me I had won a spot on The Voice Jr.,” Kristensen said.

She then began the long process before the competition even started. She got to meet with stylists and a director on her first day to choose her outfits and song.

“They thought I had a country voice so they wanted me to sing “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum,” Kristensen said.

After the song was selected, Kristensen she had only one day to practice with directors and vocal instructors. After that she was on her own.

After approximately two weeks of practice it was finally time to perform for the coaches. Kristensen said she was anxious because she had been waiting for three hours and was worried all the spots on the teams would be filled.

“I came in and one of the coaches buzzed me and I was so happy,” Kristensen said.

Kristensen was selected by Judge Wafande and got to start out by simply getting to know everyone in the crew. For the next few days she worked with the other contestants and her coach on their songs and stage presence, and lastly, she met with stylists to once again choose an outfit. The contestants then practiced their songs for two days and that was all the time they received with their coach.

“I thought that you would get more time with the coach,” Kristensen said.

Then came her day to battle with the other contestants, but this is where her journey ended after the judges decided she just wasn’t what they were looking for and decided to choose the opposing contestant instead. Although her fame was short lived, Kristensen said she loved the experience.

“It was fun being the one on the T.V. instead of just sitting watching it,” Kristensen said.

This year Kristensen’s talents have extended beyond Denmark.

She currently attends school at Marshfield, as a foreign exchange student. Kristensen was then accepted into one of the most elite select choirs at Marshfield known as the New Horizons. She is also in the Concert Choir and has her very own YouTube page where she posts videos of her and her sisters performing different songs.