Thrifting gains fame in Bay Area



Around the Bay Area, thrift shops have continuously opened and stayed in business because of the growing want and approval of second hand clothes. Thrift stores offer a selection of clothing that represents various styles of the past. Today’s generation seems to be regurgitating the fashions of previous generations and creating a ‘vintage’ but modern look, according to senior Kyle MaGruder.
“People aspire to recreate the hipster look in their own way and do so through thrift shopping,” MaGruder said.

Thrifting has become not only a pass of time for some, but also an enjoyable habit that brings a sense of satisfaction to one’s everyday life. It can also bring different groups of people together, according to MaGruder.

“Thrifting bridges different groups of people together over a common activity. Like preppier kids and the not so preppy kids over style,” MaGruder said.

However, a majority of people still prefer retail shopping over thrifting. Junior Raven Skinner finds thrifting to have less quality and to be untrustworthy.

“Retail is newer, while thrifting is kind of sketchy,” Skinner said. “There’s not much of a good selection because there’s not very many good clothes available.”

Retail shopping does provide newer, brand name clothing that look like they are second hand but can be expensive. Thrifting makes clothes that might be too expensive for some or available for everybody.

“I really like that I find something that’s of good quality for a good price that will last,” MaGruder said. “It really excites me that someone donated it for the benefit of people, for some like me.”

Junior Cassidy Keller said she enjoys thrifting because it provides an outlet for her to express herself and stand out.

“I like dressing differently,” Keller said. “It gives me a sense of individuality.”

According to MaGruder, thrifting can be a gamble
because one can never always be to sure if the clothes are 100 percent in good condition.

“Sometimes I don’t notice a stain or the scent of whatever I’m buying, due to lighting or something,” MaGruder said.

According to MaGruder and Keller, the clothes give a sense of mystery and can peak the buyer’s interest.

“You don’t know where the clothes came from,” Keller said. “They could have a really cool backstory,” Keller said.

Whether one thrifts or not, there are people who can always find great things and create a look appreciated by others.

“It’s interesting to see what one can find though, because some can find some really rare stuff,” Skinner said.