Joey’s Arcade Hosts Local Bands

The Real Smoothies, crushingcrayons and Mobius gathered together to perform at Joey’s Arcade last Saturday Sept. 13.

The arcade consists of many games that community members can enjoy while listening to local bands perform on stage. Joey’s Arcade has supported these bands ever since their opening. According to the joey, the owner, the bands need to be respectful in order to perform.

“I respect the effort they put in their music,” Joey said. “The arcade provides a great atmosphere for the bands and the people who come to the show.”

All of the bands took time to prepare for the show. The Real Smoothies performed at Joey’s Arcade for the first time, but hit it off with “Reptilia” by the Strokes and their original song “Alcohol Licotin.” The band members consist of Mason Andersan, Skyler Gibson, Austin Howatt and Wesley Jones

Marshfield students Ben Cardoza, Trent Christenson, James Miranda and graduate Will Gagnon make up crushingcrayons, a local band that has been around since 2012. According to the members of the band, their newest song “Legotion” was their favorite songthey performed that night.

Mobius played last of the three bands and the members consist of Trenton Berrin, Devin Olson, Blake Thompson and Chris Sheldon. According to Sheldon, the crowd at the concert was lively, responsive and supported local music.

On Oct. 18th, Time Bomb will be hosting an anti-bullying concert featuring these local bands from noon to 11 p.m. the concert will not cost anything to attend’ however, they will be accepting donations.