Sports CiTY – TYmes up…

We salute you Ty Bunnell.
Columnist Ty Bunnell writes his final farewell.

Being an athlete has helped shape the person I am today. Participating in sports has helped me make lifelong friends and given me countless memories. High school sports have supplied me with many life tools, such as how to overcome adversity and how to be responsible while being involved. Many students claim they will have better grades if they do not participate in sports. Sports tend to hold students to a higher standard, however, and have helped me maintain a high GPA throughout high school.

If I could give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen, it would be to join any sport for at least one season. Participating in sports is the greatest choice I ever made. The best experiences I have had are from football and basketball. Spending countless hours with best friends all year round is the most gratifying thing a high school student can experience. Looking back on every season I have had, it is easy to recall memories with those who were there.

Winning or losing does not define whether an athlete can enjoy a season. I have been a part of both winning and losing teams, and then were great seasons. Ask anybody who has graduated, or any senior who is done with sports, if playing sports was a good choice. The majority of people will say it was a great experience and they will miss playing their sport. Sports have given me some of the highs and lows of my high school career. I will never forget my last football or basketball games. There are numerous games I cannot remember a thing about, but those last games will always be remembered.

With my senior year coming to an end, sports and extracurricular activities do as well. This is the last column I will write for The Marshfield Times. Sports are not the only thing that have made my high school career memorable. The Marshfield Times has given me new friends and furthered my knowledge of writing, along with my ability to work with others. After two years of having this column I am sad to let it go. Thank you to all of my readers that have followed me through the start and finish of Sports CiTy.