Sports CiTy- School Spirit at a High



With winter sports coming to an end, athletes are now preparing for spring sports. It has been a great year to be involved in athletics with the success all the programs have had so far. The school and community have done an exceptional job supporting our teams.
Whether an athlete will admit it or not, looking up in the stands and seeing them packed with not only students, but community members, is one of the greatest feelings they could encounter. From a personal standpoint, the second North Bend vs. Marshfield basketball game last month was the best athletic experience I have had so far as a Pirate. The game itself was enjoyable, but the crowd made it unforgettable.

ASB has done an outstanding job this year encouraging students to attend games. Senior Alex Brown is the best student section leader anyone could ask for, not only leading chants, but also incorporating new ones. Spanish teacher Floyd Montiel is among the top announcers in the whole state. Marshfield is lucky to have such a strong dance team to perform at the halftimes of both the boys and girls games. Our student tunnel during the announcing of the boys lineup is the longest in our league. Local dentist and photographer Sam Scott is brilliant with his camera. I find myself going through hundreds of the photos he has taken at almost all the games from both home and away. These people are among many who have made this season special, and, on behalf of the boys varsity basketball team, I thank all of you for your support.

But the year is not over yet. Many athletes work their hardest at spring sports, and not as many people attend those events as winter or fall sports. Spring is a busy time for everyone, but making time to attend events means a lot to the athletes. Imagine full bleachers at a baseball or softball game, or the stands at Pete Susick Stadium filled with students in purple and gold attire during a track meet. The tennis and golf teams work hard, too. All of these teams deserve the same support that others get.

Support does not have to be limited to sports either. The band and choir would love to see  full crowds when they perform. The Mr. MHS pageant is on April 12, and not long after that will be the annual poetry slam on April 17, both of which are entertaining to watch. If students carry the enthusiasm from recent home basketball games over to spring sports and other events at MHS, it will be much more exciting to be a Pirate.