Forensics at Nationals

Freshman Riley Kirby and sophomore Quinn Earle participate in daily performance in Forensics. Photo by Katie Whitty.
Two MHS students qualified for the National Forensics Tournament. They will compete in Kansas City on June 15.

Senior Jadess Taitano and junior Helena Platt earned a spot at the National Forensics Tournament by placing in the top spots at the district tournament which took place at the University of Oregon in March. The pair, along with coach Kayla Crook, will travel to Kansas City on June 15 for the tournament. Taitano qualified in dramatic interpretation while Platt qualified in humorous interpretation.

“This year I finally understood what the difference is between humorous and dramatic interpretation,” Platt said. “In dramatic interpretation bad things happen and you feel bad, but in humorous interpretation bad things happen and you laugh.”

Platt joined the forensics team her freshman year. Initially, she competed in prose, a non-memorized competition event in which the competitor chooses a published piece of literature to perform as a solo piece. Platt said she has gone through different events over the years and has finally found the one she feels most comfortable in.

“I did dramatic interpretation my sophomore year, which was a terrible idea considering I can’t be serious to save my life,” Platt said.

Contrary to Platt, who has been in forensics her entire high school career, Taitano joined the team this year. Although she has not been on the team as long as some of her teammates, she said she does not feel like she has a disadvantage to others.

“I’ve learned so much from my teammates and coach this year,” Taitano said. “Having a background in theatre has also really helped me catch up.”

Although both have done well in competitions in the past, they said they were surprised to find out they would have the opportunity to compete at the national level.

“I knew I was the only person from Marshfield competing in DI, so when I heard, ‘And from Marshfield, in second place’ I couldn’t believe it,” Taitano said. “I didn’t even wait for the guy to finish; I looked at coach and ran up there.”

The trip to nationals will only be paid in part by the school, so the forensics team will need to fundraise to pay for the two students and coach who will be traveling. One of the biggest events to raise money will be the annual forensics night that will be hosted on May 14.

“It’s basically just a night that members of the community can come support and watch us strut our stuff,” Platt said.

Taitano has had to find a way to balance her busy schedule to fit in forensics practices. She is also a member of concert choir, New Horizons and is the co-president of the Marshfield Theatre Company.

“Forensics is so flexible with practices. That’s why it was possible to participate both in theatre and forensics,” Taitano said.

Coach Kayla Crook said both Taitano and Platt are extraordinary students and she was not surprised to see them both do well in their events.

“It’s always exciting when one of your students gets to compete at nationals, but they have done so well in the past that it wasn’t that big of a shocker,” Crook said.

Both said they are thankful to their teammates and coach for supporting them and helping them improve as performers and people.

“They go to every event that they can to support each other,” Platt said.  “It’s really the best group of people you could choose to be around.”