Students will forecast online for 2014-2015 year



The logo for StudentVue, whcih students will be using to select their classes.

For the first time, students will log on to StudentVUE to select their classes.

Hundreds of schedule changes cycle through only three counselors at the beginning of each semester. By redirecting the scheduling task to the students through the current grading system Synergy, efficiency and a sense of ownership will follow, according to Principal Doug Holland.

Scheduling classes online is used in colleges throughout the United States but is uncommon in high schools.

“With inspiration from a friend and former co-worker, staff and I have been putting the plan of online scheduling into action,” Holland said.

In order to make this change, every student must have an activated StudentVUE account. The account allows one to view his or her grades at any point in time and the ability to schedule their classes. However, according to Holland, less than 10 percent of students use StudentVUE. Email sign-up sheets have been passed through advisory classes to ensure every student will have an up and running account, which is accessible through any internet capable device.

“Once every student has a StudentVUE account, the ability to schedule classes for the 2014-15 school year will begin on March 17 and run through spring break,” Holland said.

In total, the opportunity to schedule classes will be available for three weeks. Following the concept of “seniority,” juniors will have the first pick of classes starting on March 17, followed by sophomores on March 18 and so on until March 21.  Students will be able to access their StudentVUE during the week before spring break in advisory and intervention periods to ensure everyone has the opportunity to pick their classes.

“Due to a wrinkle in Synergy, students will not be able to pick the periods of classes, just the classes they put in for,” Holland said. Once all classes are picked, the students schedule will be sent and checked by our counselors.”

The inevitable problems of students not scheduling classes within the three week window or the absence of core classes in students’ schedules will be monitored by counselors and remedied if needed.

“Do it right the first time, because once a counselor rebuilds a schedule it is locked in,” Holland said. “Now being the week before spring break, some students will blow it off and might not get the classes they want.”

The idea of online scheduling is thought of highly among staff and students, according to Holland.

Senior counselor Laura Osbon said she is very excited for this change.

“Having online scheduling through Synergy will allow us counselors to look at the master schedule year long and deeper,” Osbon said.

Along with the benefits of online scheduling, Osbon relates this change to the ever changing world of technology.

“More and more, everything is going away from paper,” Osbon said. “This change not only will help kids ready themselves for college but many job applications are online.”

According to Holland, although minor, this change in scheduling will help prepare students for how college and the world operates as well as efficiency and ownership of one’s schedule.

“I feel that scheduling online will benefit our school and I’m excited to see how it goes,” Holland said.