The ability to achieve the “American Dream” needs to be accessible to people of all kinds

There need to be changes in the economic state of America. While wealth should not be taken away from individuals, there should be more oppurtunites for people of lower classes to work their way to the same level of success.

With the recent passing of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, people begin to wonder if his dreams have come true. Although there are no segregation laws there are still economic inequalities throughout the United States. People are still not equal.

Many support race, gender and relationship equality, but there is a lack of support in economic equality. The inequalities between classes are prevalent throughout many aspects of life. Health care is an issue. There should not be a reason the latest pop star is receiving a groundbreaking drug to fight cancer while an average high school student is receiving a much less effective treatment plan. Unfortunately, many people are heavily persuaded with money in today’s society.

Wealth and power are often associated with one another, giving people a sense of entitlement. For this reason people interact with only other people of their economic status. This has prevented many from trying to achieve their goals. The meaning of the American dream has become skewed. To enter the high economic class one must usually be born into a family that has a high socioeconomic status.

Though the argument that the richest entail the most knowledge is no longer relevant, people still push a wedge between themselves and others. People only associate with others of their own economic class. If people could break down the walls among classes, the amount of people facing poverty would lessen because people would have more of an incentive to try and achieve their goals instead of being discouraged because of the environment they have grown up in. Wealth should not be taken away from individuals, but there should be more opportunities for people of lower classes to work their way to the same level of success.

The government is taking steps to reduce economic inequality but they are approaching the current situation in the wrong way. People need to have the right to their own American dream, but the ability to reach the top needs to be accessible to all people. One should not have to be born into a legacy to become part of the elite high class. The middle and upper classes need to be widened and the lower class needs to shrink. The upper class should not be discriminated for what they have, but the path to the top needs to become more reachable for all individuals, to achieve their own American dreams.