Michelle Marroquin leads senior all-night party plans

By Jonathan Mapilisan | Artist
$17,500. This is roughly the amount Michelle Marroquin needs in order to successfully pull off this year’s senior all-night party. Marroquin, mother of senior Sergio Marroquin, has aided the community in a variety of ways, from helping install brand new playground equipment at Millicoma Intermediate School to sewing quilts for returning veterans, but now she is asking for help from the Marshfield senior class.

“I want the seniors to be involved,” Marroquin said. “After all, the senior all-night party is for them.”

A wide assortment of activities are being planned for this year’s party, including an obstacle course, laser tag, a money booth, a celebrity cook-off and a pie-eating contest. Marroquin is also open to any suggestions the seniors may have. In order to make such things possible, Marroquin has thought of possible fundraisers such as bottle drives and obstacle courses, but she cannot do it alone.

“I’m their sponge. If they use me they can actually get what they want instead of sitting back and going, ‘They never listen to us,’” Marroquin said. “You can actually be heard. I’ll try to do what you want.”

Tessa Zamora, a member of Marshfield’s 2010-11 senior class, enjoyed her time at last year’s all-night party. She said it was thoroughly entertaining despite the early cancellation of some main events. According to Zamora, it was a night to remember and she would encourage others to attend this year’s.

“I did think it was fun,” Zamora said. “It was really nice because you kind of forget who all’s in your senior class, and it’s really nice to see everyone again one last time.”

Senior Caitlin Mansfield is looking forward to the event, which she considers a farewell. Mansfield wants the last bit of her high school years to be as memorable as possible.

“It’s your senior year, and it’s kind of like going out with a bang,” Mansfield said. “It’s more of like a goodbye to high school.”

The senior all-night party will be planned during parent meetings held on the first Wednesday of each month prior to graduation at 7 p.m. in the Pirate Hall foyer. Parents of seniors are encouraged to attend these meetings. Until then, Marroquin will continue to focus on making the party as fun and as memorable as possible.

“My biggest disappointment would be if they said they had a bad time,” Marroquin said. “I would hope that their senior all-night party is a great way to say, ‘I’ve finished this stage, let’s move on.’”