Fake beats in today’s generation.

Today’s   music full of technology, and fabricated sounds does not compare to the authenticity of the music of generations ago.


By Brittany Cook|Reporter


Growing up, I was surrounded by music from the 60s and 70s. I always thought music was best in those eras. The way the lyrics spoke to me made me believe the song was written about a scene in my life. But with the growing trend in rap and techno music, the free spirit of music is beginning to wane.

The artists of previous generations took real world issues and turned them into something powerful and relatable. Whether one was dealing with a break up, going to a party or just being lazy, music would find a way to express the way one was feeling.

In current popular music, most of the subjects artists sing about are illegal or only familiar to a small population of people. What was once a way to express genuine emotion has slowly became a slew of foul language, drugs, sex and violence. The lyrics are often vulgar, crude and meaningless. Why would someone want to listen to a song when the f-bomb is dropped every other word? Where is the depth and feeling a true song brings?

Music has lost the sound of real instruments along with real meaning. Instead of swaying back and forth to drums and a guitar, teens are grinding to a techno beat and computer generated noise. Usually, the only authentic sound is the voice of the singer, and even that is often so auto tuned it cannot really be called genuine. With older music, there were varying amounts of genres one could choose from. Rock was for angry and intense emotions, country was the king of love songs and pop was perfect for hanging out with friends. Now, a listener turns on the radio and is treated to the relaxing sound of harsh words about the life of a “gangsta.” Talk about a calming experience.

When one looks at the lives of famous singers, their personal experiences are often nothing like the situations their songs describe. While their lyrics speak about trying to stay alive in the ghetto and fighting for their life, the artists are driving cars that cost as much as a house and living in houses that cost more than some will make in their whole life. Granted, there are those who have risen from poverty and speak about true events, but the majority are just singing words someone else wrote for them.    

When I listen to music, it is because I have a desire tounderstand to how others see the world and deal with their problems. With the songs produced today, I can honestly say I do not get the same enjoyment and am often left with a feeling of disappointment when I realize what my generation now calls good music.