Mr. MHS dodgeball tournament



By Ayasha Thurman | The Marshfield Times

Yellow foam balls flew across the Main Gym court as the Mr. MHS dodgeball tournament began Tuesday, Nov. 15. The annual fundraiser helps the Mr. MHS contestants and their teammates raise money to be donated to the Share Bear Snack Pack program.

The tournament started with some humor from the “Where’s Waldo” team, led by senior Mr. MHS contestant Derek Duenas, as it tried to find “Waldo,” also known as junior Shane Sadler, hidden in the upper seats of the gym.

Not everyone found fun in the night’s activities though. Senior Matthew Matthews, who was part of the team “Buccaneers,” was not pleased with his team’s outcome.

“It wasn’t fun. We lost every game,” Matthews said. “The ‘Silver Fox’ [Dean of Students Bruce Bryant] and his wolf pack eliminated us.”

Others had fun regardless of their losses. Senior Garret Juelke was pleased to see the end of the winning streak of the two-time championship staff team, led by Bryant, and the defeat of Spanish teacher Floyd Montiel was particularly satisfying.

Another highlight of the evening was when freshman Gabby Bryant, who was playing with her brother Connor Bryant, a senior and Mr. MHS contestant, was left alone on the court to face senior Joe Saxon with the game on the line. In the end, Bryant got him out and she won the game for the “Honey Badgers.”

“It felt really good, me being a freshman girl and beating a senior boy,” Gabby Bryant said.

The last two teams standing were counselor Doug Miles’ “Edukators” and “Where’s Waldo?” Junior Alicia Hatzel was excited for the game due to a great pep talk given by Duenas beforehand.

“We were really pumped; Derek gave us a very inspirational speech,” Hatzel said.

The whole court was used for the last game, but even the extra space could not save “Where’s Waldo.” Miles was pleased with his “Edukators” and their victory.

“It was one of the prouder moments of my life,” Miles said. “I’m almost speechless.”