Senior excited for college athletics

By Sebastien Bartlett | Web Designer

Weighing 265 pounds, standing at 6’7″ and possessing strength and athleticism, senior Dalton Milburn is an asset to several Marshfield sports teams. Milburn is actively engaged in athletics as a three-sport varsity athlete, already earning 10 varsity letters over three and a half years of high school.

Although Milburn enjoys each sport he plays, his heart lies with basketball.

“Of all the sports I do, basketball is the one that I like the best,” Milburn said.

Basketball has been a part of Milburn’s life for a very long time as he has been shooting hoops since he was only four years old.

Although Milburn is undeniably large in stature, many believe he has the coordination and agility of a much smaller athlete.

“Dalton has the hands and feet of a receiver,” head basketball coach Jesse Ainsworth said.

Milburn has played basketball for Ainsworth since his freshman year, but his experiences playing at the high school started when he was in the eighth grade.

“I did summer league with Coach Miles when he was coaching the basketball team,” Milburn said.

Milburn said his senior year of sports have been great. Although the football season was not ideal in terms of the team’s record, he said it was still fun.

“It wasn’t the best season for my senior year, but the guys held it together and made it a really enjoyable experience for me,” Milburn said.

On the other hand, Milburn said the basketball season has been amazing so far. He is happy the team is experiencing success on the court and is looking forward to the possibility of becoming league champs.

Milburn’s sports career will be expanding to encompass collegiate football next year. Milburn will be playing on the offensive line for the Portland State Vikings. Milburn is not sure of what position he will play, but knows he will likely be a tackle or guard.

Milburn is looking forward to playing for the Vikings. He likes the school because it has a nice campus and appreciates how the coaches seem to care about him. The downtown scene is also appealing to Milburn.

“I’m looking forward to delving into more of a city life,” Milburn said. “It’s going to be fun, undoubtedly.”

Junior Jason Sweet, a teammate of Milburn’s in both football and basketball, said he knows Milburn has great potential and will do well at Portland State. Sweet said Dalton leads by example, always the first to step up to a challenge.

Ainsworth echoed the same words.

“He’s always the first to jump in if I need help. With Dalton it’s a two way street. He knows how dedicated I am to this team and returns that loyalty,” Ainsworth said.

While Milburn continues to be a student athlete at the collegiate level, he aspires to become a civil engineer. He first became intrigued about the profession after meeting a man who told him about being an engineer.

“I really enjoy working with my hands, and being able to be involved in the process,” Milburn said.

Milburn said engineering can provide this for him, which is a huge draw. He wants to be involved in building bridges and infrastructure, in helping to create something positive and lasting.

People can see the potential in Milburn as both an athlete and as he pursues his career goals.

“As long as he works hard and enjoys what he’s doing, he will succeed,” Ainsworth said.