Pirate Night introduces Winter sports

By Katie Duell |  The Marshfield Times

Scrimmages between basketball teams, dancing and many introductions highlighted the Winter Sports Pirate Night on Wednesday.

The night began with a 10-minute scrimmage between members of the girls freshmen team playing four-on-four. After several steals and shots the purple team won by a final score of 14-6.

Following the freshmen team, the girls varsity team played against the girls JV team, with senior Kara Young going up against sophomore Tracee Scott for the jump ball. The teams played two quarters of 10 minutes each and the varsity won with a final score of 23-12.

Taking a step away from basketball scrimmages, the crowd then witnessed a dance by the MHS Upbeats.

“It was fun,” junior dance team member Kelsey Scott said. “We have performed it many times before. We’ve put a lot of practice into it.”

After showing the crowd the result of all their hard practices, the dance team jogged off the court, leading to the introductions of the 2011-2012 MHS boys and girls swim teams. Having just arrived from practice, the swim team showed up wearing one-piece swimsuits, jammers or Speedos, surprising many members of the crowd. Though members of the girls team covered up to keep warm, the boys walked in unafraid to bare some skin, with many attired only in their Speedos, including senior swimmer David Rosales.

“Well, everyone else was doing it,” Rosales said. “So it made it a lot easier.”

The MHS wrestling team was also introduced, along with their coaches Kris Davis, Russ Namitz, Justin Eldred and Carter Davis. The team looks forward to the season with 25 wrestlers competing.

The final two scrimmages of the evening were between the freshman boys basketball team and the JV team, followed by a scrimmage between the JV and varsity teams.  JV beat the freshmen 14-13 and varsity then beat the JV team 19-6.

“The thing that I enjoyed the most was that there were more people than I’ve ever seen,” boys varsity basketball coach Jesse Ainsworth said. “We don’t typically get that for Pirate Night.”