Homecoming Pep Assembly

Homecoming week is coming to an end and with that comes the homecoming pep assembly.
Junior Shawn Zousel said he enjoyed the assembly and had a lot of laughs.

“I really enjoyed how they let anyone who wanted to come down come down,” Zousel said. “They gave everyone a chance to show a little spirit if they wanted.”

The assembly began with the presentation of the homecoming princesses and their escorts. Freshman DJ Johansen was escorted by Gage Pederson, sophomore Ravyn Miranda was escorted by Gabe Prasad, junior Bailey Pederson was escorted by Jacob Post, senior Samantha Waldrop was escorted by Ian Emlet, senior Taylor Stark was escorted by Josh Kyllo, senior Mackenzie Johnson was escorted by Ty McLean and senior Ireland Gerber was escorted by Ryan Johnson.

ASB also put on a limbo contest and an aluminum foil dress contest, as well as a game of musical chairs using football players as chairs for the homecoming princesses.

To finish off the assembly, Athletic Director Greg Mulkey dressed one person from each class as himself using clothing and hair gel. Those students lead their class in a chant of “Whose House.”

Zousel said he enjoyed watching his friend, senior Jeremy Bess, chant “Whose House.”

“Jeremy became an animal,” Zousel said. “Seeing him getting prepped for ‘Whose House’ was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.”

The two remaining homecoming events this week are the home football game tonight at 7 p.m. and the homecoming dance tomorrow beginning at 8:30 p.m.