Tardy policy sweeps students to class

Perpetual tardiness will ensure one’s goals to be much more difficult to achieve. The administration at Marshfield High School agrees with this principle and has implemented a new tardy policy for the 2013-14 school year.
The policy entails each student is required to be in class by the time the tardy bell rings. If students do not make it to class on time or they are caught not attending their assigned class, a staff member may take them down to in school suspension (ISS) for the entire period. If students are chronically tardy, staff members will then look into why the problem could be occurring and what steps may be taken to fix the problem. When this policy is enforced, students focus on what is going on inside the classroom instead of what is happening outside.

Currently, when the tardy bell rings at MHS, one will not witness students wandering the halls. Classes now promptly start at the bell, and teachers have the full period to teach their students as opposed to previous years at Marshfield, when it seemed to be a free-for-all regarding punctuality. As the bell finishes its last echo in the halls, the classroom door is shut and learning begins. MHS is now teaching time management, not only for students, but teachers as well.

During the school day, one will view a positive atmosphere. In general, one will not see students misbehaving during school hours outside of class. Having students on a consistent schedule has tremendously helped the school as a whole. It is the first year the administration has enforced the policies they have created.

As soon-to-be contributing members of society, students need to learn time management skills. When one goes to start their career, punctuality is crucial. A person cannot do their job properly if they do not arrive on time, which may trickle down and affect others as well. Most employers will terminate employees if they are late on a reoccurring basis. High school is preparing students for the real world, meaning time management is an essential skill that comes into play.

The atmosphere at Marshfield has greatly improved in comparison to recent years. New policies are at the head of this positive change. Students may think the administration is being harsh with the tardy policy, but school should be treated as a preparatory work place. As a whole, the student body needs to accept the changes at MHS and embrace the opportunities the school has to offer.