MHS Booster Club is behind the scenes supporting Pirate activities

Spencer Hurbis | The Marshfield Times


Marshfield’s Booster Club supports many high school extracurricular activities from the sidelines. They do this by raising money throughout the school year and summer by working at various school sporting events at concessions or selling raffle tickets. The money is distributed among MHS programs.


By Audrey Webster & Shaylen Crook | Collaborative reporters

They volunteer behind the scenes at many of Marshfield’s athletic contests to help the lives of students. They are a group of community members who make up the Marshfield Booster Club and help raise money for athletics and activities.

“Without them we would have to do a lot more fundraising,” Assistant Principal Bryan Trendell said.

The Booster Club began as the Quarterback Club early in Marshfield’s history and specifically supported MHS football. According to Trendell, in the late 80s and early 90s, when MHS athletics first faced severe budget cuts, the Booster Club stepped up to keep Pirate sports intact and the club evolved into today’s Booster Club, which supports all MHS sports. Trendell said in 1989 alone, the Booster Club raised $140,000. Recently, the Booster Club has begun to help other programs as well.

“We’re really moving toward helping all activities,” Booster Club Treasurer Jennifer Bunnell said.

Throughout the year, clubs, activities and teams are given the opportunity to help the Boosters with various fundraisers such as working in concessions and selling raffle tickets at sporting events. Additionally, the Boosters are instrumental in providing concessions and hospitality rooms during larger athletics events, including the annual Les Schwab Holiday Tournament in December and the OSAA 3A State basketball tournament in March.

The Boosters work year-round, including during the summer, when they often host class reunion barbeques and the annual Hall of Fame dinner and auction. Trendell appreciates the time and dedication of the Booster Club members.

“They work very hard for our kids,” Trendell said. “They make no money. It is purely a volunteer basis.”

Booster Club board members include President Steve Schneiderman, Secretary Nicole Richmond and Bunnell; executive members include Mary Bjornerud, Ginny Carocci, Tina George, Matt Jarvis, Rex Young and Gary Van Pulliam. Other volunteers who help at a variety of events are considered members as well. The Booster Club is comprised of many whose children attended, or still attend Marshfield and were involved in one of the supported activities, including Young, whose daughters are both MHS graduates and athletes.

“I do it to give back to the community and give back to the kids,” Young said.

Every Thursday the Booster Club holds lunch at Abby’s Pizza to learn about MHS athletics and highlight different activities at Marshfield. Students are asked to speak to the Booster Club about their activity and their plans for the school year.

Last year the Booster Club raised about $40,000, and distributed it between 20-25 programs at the high school. Sports and other activities can make a grant request for how much they wish to receive from the Booster Club for items their programs need at the end of each school year. The money is dispersed based on how much the group helped the Booster Club with various activities throughout the year.

“The more they [programs] work, the more we support, but everyone gets something,” Bunnell said.

Members of the club agree  the reason they continue to return to Boosters every year is simply for the students. According to Bunnell, most activities would not be possible without Boosters.

The Booster Club is looking to recruit new members to volunteer to help them with their mission to help students.

“We’re always looking for more volunteers, anyone who would be willing to help,” Schneiderman said.

Schneiderman sees the importance in helping as many students as possible.

“Not everyone is an athlete,” Schneiderman said. “But everyone deserves something.”