Swinging into a new season

Marshfield High has a long and successful history when it comes to golf. Founded in the 1950s, the pirates’ golf team has been a consistent presence over the years. They have produced a number of talented golfers that have gone on to compete at the collegiate and professional levels. Last year, the girls placed 4th in state, with the boys playing 6th. 

“During the tournament, each group will have a set number of players, typically four or five, from different schools,” said MHS senior Emily Ryan. “The scores from each player will be added together to determine their own school’s team total. The team with the lowest total score at the end of the tournament will be declared the winner.” 

Even though golf is a popular international sport, compared to other varsity teams such as football and basketball, they have very few members on their current roster. Currently for the pirates there are eight members on the girls golf team and seven on the boys. 

“We don’t have many problems with the amount of players we have, everything just kind of works,” said Hannah Campbell, a second-year member of the girls golf team.

Another aspect of high school golf that few realize is that golf competitions generally take place far away from high school campuses, making it difficult for the average student to cheer on their classmates as they swing their way to victory. 

Over the years, the golf team has experienced many highs and lows, but they have always remained a strong and competitive force in OSAA golf. The success of the MHS golf team can be attributed to many factors–one of the most important of these is the coaching staff, which has included a number of talented and dedicated coaches over the years. Another is the support of the community. Local attractions such as the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort make the southern Oregon coastal region a top destination for golf enthusiasts around the world. It would only make sense that the sport would have a strong footing at the high school level, as well.

“ I just like being outside and away from school,” said senior golfer Oscar Day, who has been playing since the age of five. “Golf is a stressful sport but it can also be relaxing.”

Looking ahead the team is optimistic about this year and beyond. With key players returning, and more on the way, the team plans to continue its success at the state championship. They know they have a lot of work ahead of them, but a state title is always the goal.