Serve it, smash it, love it

Tennis at Marshfield High School is an intense and competitive sport that has been enjoyed by the players for many years. Considered a racket sport, tennis is played either individually against one rival, or it can be played with teams of two. Players earn points when their opponent makes a mistake, also called a fault. 

Marshfield High School junior Willow Elst plays four singles. This is her first year playing high school tennis, but she did play for Boys & Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon in the past. 

“I enjoy being around my friends and the whole overall experience,” said Elst. 

She thrives on the adrenaline a tennis match can bring, and enjoys being in the moment just before the ball hits her racket. Elst feels that she has improved a lot since the beginning of the season. 

“My most memorable moment has been getting to meet new people and the games,” said Elst. “Everyone is so kind and nice.” 

Like Elst, MHS junior Jake Green also plays four singles. There are nine members on the boys tennis team, nearly all of them juniors. 

 “I like the sense of togetherness everyone has on our team, it’s a really nice group of people,” said Green. “The first girls game we had was the most memorable, and all of us guys showed up to support and cheer them on.”

Mark Bowles, also an MHS junior, plays third doubles with his partner Jonah Putman. Bowles played tennis his freshman year and decided to pick it back up this year again. 

“I really enjoy being on doubles and being with your teammate makes it so it doesn’t have to be too serious and you’re able to celebrate with somebody,” said Bowles. 

Bowles has been having a lot of fun this year with his tennis partner and has fun spiking the ball. He likes to see his opponent struggle to get to it in time.

“My goal this season is to not suck,” he said.