Marshfield basketball culture

At the heart of high school basketball culture is the pure love and passion for the game. Whether it’s hitting a winning shot or the adrenaline of sprinting down the court on an open fast break in front of a packed crowd cheering you on, many of these players live for the sport.

Arguably, the biggest and most important game for the MHS community is the rivalry game in which the Marshfield Pirates go against the North Bend Bulldogs. The game featuring the bulldogs is a match a lot of people look forward to. For many years, North Bend has been Marshfield’s biggest rival. 

“It is the most hyped up match here,” said MHS Senior Mitchell George.

The student section and the crowd has always played a big role in the atmosphere of the game. Rivalry games can bring out both the boos and the cheers of all spectators.

“I wish we would have more people in the student section, because it feels good to play in that environment,” explained junior Joseph Herbert, who is captain. “When I have a big student section behind me, rooting for me it definitely pumps me up.”

The high school basketball experience is not just limited to the players, but to the whole community. For a lot of people, basketball games are seen as a social event where you can hang out and support your classmates.

High school basketball gives young athletes a place to show off their talents and pursue their dreams. 

A captain is expected to show great leadership, sportsmanship, and citizenship. Most of the time, the designated team captain is someone all the younger and more inexperienced players look up to. The team captains can control the general emotions of the other players on a team. If a captain is hustling, the younger players will follow. If a captain is lazy, the other players will match that. 

“If a guy isn’t trying as hard or messing around, usually I go confront them and try to talk to them about it,” Herbert said. 

As the 2022-23 basketball season comes to a close, the boys team remains optimistic. They are off to a rough start having not won any of their five league games but are working hard everyday after school and shooting around in their free time.

On the other hand, the girls basketball team remains on track with their goal, to win state. They’re league record is 4-1 and they are currently ranked 4th in state. 

Update: the boy’s basketball team took fourth in districts, while the girl’s basketball team played at the state tournament and took home 5th place.