What the year of the rabbit means for your zodiac sign

The year of 2023, the year of the rabbit, is predicted to focus on hope and, more specifically, love. Unfortunate events will be avoided and relationships will find peace. For singles, this will be the year to find potential partners. This could be anyone from school or their work environment, an existing group of friends, or someone that one is already talking to. 

In overall life, the year of the rabbit marks a time of rest and relaxation. Those reading should be prepared to learn new things about themselves, like hobbies or even a new career path. Any big decisions made will be blessed with good luck and long lasting affects. Its highly recommended that one takes time to get to know themselves and discover what whats important to them and whats not. Make sure that the things and people that don’t positively affect ones lives are released. 


Tip: For even more information, look up ‘birth chart calculator’ and follow the instructions. This will result in various planet placements which one can compare to their partners for a more in depth compatibility test.