Is Santa real?

For centuries the tale of a jolly old man visiting homes on Christmas Eve has been told, but in recent years the believers of this story have faded away into the night. Children that once smiled at the mere mention of his name, whether it’s Kris Kringle or Santa Claus, have forgotten all about him and even discounted his existence. Cable News Network, or CNN, has reported that at the age of eight, approximately 85% of kids are believers. Drastically, the number drops to 49% by the age of 11.

For those who do believe, there are now new options to visit with Santa. Instead of waiting in long lines inside a mall or department store, there are several different companies who offer virtual visits with the big man himself. These gained popularity during the years of COVID-19, due to the fact that many opportunities to visit with Santa were closed. Even after the pandemic, these have remained popular because of their convenience and the ability to have a more personalized experience.  

“It makes me sad that kids have stopped believing in me,” said Santa Claus on “It brings me so much joy to give children presents and to visit them each year.”. 

Although many older children no longer believe in him, there are a handful that do. These children still believe in the magic of Christmas with everything it has to offer.

 “I do believe in Santa!” said Harper Johnson, 6, daughter of Marshfield High School teachers Amanda and Anthony Johnson. 

One of the biggest arguments in favor of Claus proclaims that there’s no other way for millions of children getting presents delivered to them in just one night each year. There are also various santa sightings to verify his existence–some including his reindeer.

“I remember once when I was nine, I heard someone downstairs on Christmas Eve,” said Oliver Castilla, a junior at MHS. “I walked to the tree only to find Santa leaving presents for me and my siblings.” 

Santa has also been spotted at malls all over the world. 

“I saw Santa every year to take pictures with him,” said MHS sophomore Iah Purkey. “He knew my name the first time I met him!”

Whether or not someone believes in Santa Claus does not change the fact that the magic of Christmas will always include the man in red. For those who believe, don’t forget to start the new year on the nice list. There are only 11 months left until Christmas.