Civil War football

The Pirates battled the Bulldogs in their annual Civil War football game on Friday night. Marshfield had a hard time defending against North Bend’s offense and lost the game 49-16.

Head coach Justin Ainsworth said when the team makes a mistake, the players tend to let it linger, causing a lack of confidence.

“We have a crisis of confidence,” Ainsworth said. “We’ve got to believe in ourselves.”

Seniors Alex Gilbert and Skyler Harvey each scored a touchdown and the Pirates also had a two-point safety.

The team will next play the North Eugene Highlanders, who are currently 0-2, this Friday night. Ainsworth said to prepare for the game, the Pirates will put the North Bend game behind them and continue to practice hard.

Harvey also feels practice is the key to a win against the Highlanders.

“I think if we work hard we can win it,” Harvey said. “We just need to keep busting our butts at practice.”