Seniors scoring big


With a strong start this year, the Marshfield High School girl’s soccer team is set to go to the playoffs. With their league record of 2-1, they are on schedule to make it to the top. 

Captain Isabell Perez is a senior this year and has been playing soccer all throughout high school. She also plays year-round with Epuerto, which has significantly helped her and her teammates out. She usually plays striker and midfield positions, using the skills she’s learned to crush their opponents and keep up the team’s momentum.

“This year is going way better than last year’s season,” said Perez. “We have a lot more confidence and motivation.”

Allan Ledesma of Epuerto Sports has helped Perez develop her skills through the years. He also acts as a coach to Perez, both on and off the soccer field.

“My confidence, my ball handling, my shooting, everything has gotten better,” she said. “I have more control over the ball and the game because of Epuerto.”

While she works on her skills, she also tries to watch out for rookie players, passing on the motivation that she receives from Ledesma. 

“If the other team scores, keep your head up,” she said. “Never stop learning how to play in the game. Just because you’re good at what you’re doing, doesn’t mean you can’t learn new skills.”