Pirates Clinch a Playoff Spot

The Marshfield High School boys soccer team is back and better than ever, with two winning games and two ties. Though they got off to a rocky start, Captain Jose Yanez knew they could do it. 

“We started the games off pretty shakey,” said Yanez. “But once we got to league games everyone started stepping up and playing their role and it has been looking good. We just have to keep working hard.” 

Recently, the boys soccer team has lost and gained some new players, This new year the Pirates have lost the nine starting seniors from last year. This really changed and affected the team, making the coaches start many new players who recently or have never played before. They are still learning to work together.

“We had to start a lot of new players who have never played before,” said Yanez. “So it’s made a lot of changes to the team but with everyone playing their role and having a good time and putting effort, it helps and encourages the team to do better.”

The team has high hopes of winning the league as it is their goal. Last year the pirates were undefeated league champions, so defending and representing that title will be a challenge. Since one out of the two captains, Daniel Garcia, has recently been injured during one of the games. 

”I think that if we keep working hard, listening to coaches and being open about how we play we can challenge every team in our league but it will take a lot of effort and dedication,” said Yanez.