MHS Radio Class Leads to Future Careers


Daily announcements, school sports broadcasting, and KMHS radio are just a few of the productions made possible by Marshfield High School students who participate in the MHS radio, video, and broadcasting classes. Through these classes, students learn a multitude of skills they can put to use in a career if they choose to.

“[Andrew Jones] taught us how to work a camera, use a mic, and build lighting stuff,” said past broadcast student Chance Browning. 

Satyr Staggs, a freshman at MHS, is a scriptwriter for the MHS daily announcements as well as a reporter for the announcements itself. According to Staggs, the process of writing scripts, recording, editing, and producing the announcements is easy and fun. 

“It takes us all a period to do, like 40 minutes, we have to write scripts and then record, then we have to edit all the recordings we did and the intro into the video,” said Staggs. “Then we have to upload the video to YouTube and send the link to teachers. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a fairly easy class but that isn’t why I took it. It’s something that genuinely interests me. If I were to take the class again it would be because I like it.” 

Staggs also said he could also possibly see himself doing video production as a future backup career someday, like being a news anchor or video producer.

 Matthew Stout is a sophomore at MHS and he is a part of KMHS radio. Stout finds the class enjoyable and the environment created within it. He also finds it to be an easy A and is looking into radio production as a possible career.

Stout is involved in the process of recording and editing audio commercials for local sponsors and businesses as well as the occasional PSA by using scripts given to them by Jones. 

“I just record it and then edit it, and that’s basically it,” said Stout. “We’ll do PSA’s every now and then, which is basically just informing the public.” 

While this class isn’t for everyone, it’s easy to find parts of it that do appeal to its students. 

“I’m very antisocial and I don’t like talking inside of a mic,” Browning said.  “I liked it because I got to film people that I talk to inside of that class.” 

MHS radio also provides an essential function within MHS: the daily announcements. These are entirely produced by MHS radio and video production classes. Without them, students would miss out on up-to-date news and events.