Time to Celebrate Mother Earth


Earth Day: A movement and holiday celebrated on April 22 dedicated to taking steps toward a better future for our Mother Earth. But how did it come about? Since the early 1700s, our planet has been on a downward spiral. It faces a multitude of environmental challenges well into today. Yet even in the 1960’s Americans knew about the negative consequences vast amounts of gasses could have on the planet. Air pollution, among other factors, have affected human health and life everywhere. But companies still continue to emit these toxins without fear or regard to the impacts of such pollutants. Many large companies care more about the money they will bring in than the hidden environmental costs of pollution. They don’t want to spend the additional money it would take to dispose of or avoid harmful chemicals. 

If companies, and the world as a whole, continue to infect our environment, we can expect mass consequences, including, but not limited to:

  • Deforestation
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Global warming
  • Natural resource depletion
  • Animal extinction
  • Land degradation

It all sounds too big to be true and when the effects aren’t prominent in everyday life it can be even harder to believe or care. But just because something can’t be seen, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

“I’m super worried about the future for us,” said MHS student Alyrian Covey. “Some people still don’t see how important it is to pay attention and start making changes now before it gets any worse. I really hope people start realizing and making an effort.”

The Earth has been suffering due to humanity’s lack of regard for a long while. Everyone loves to shift the blame from one person or corporation to another, but it’s come to the point when everyone has to care and be held accountable. 

One of the first things someone can do to start their advocacy for the betterment of the environment is to research human impact because once the core issues are understood, activities can be found that help reverse its effects. These activities include things such as recycling, buying eco-friendly brands, shopping at local farmer’s markets, buying reusable items such as straws or bags, and/or shopping local butchers or giving up animal-based products altogether. 

“I compost food waste, help clean the environment, recycle, use products with friendly packaging, try alternative transportation  methods, and take the time to think about what I’m doing” said MHS student Sierra Bell. 

There does tend to be a pressure to be perfect, however. To never use plastic again and keep a carbon footprint at an absolute minimum. This is simply unobtainable, but many will give up on being an active environmental advocate because they don’t feel ‘good enough’. 

The truth is, though, that everything helps. No matter how small. Each small difference can add up to create big change. With Earth Day coming close, April is as good a time as any to kick start new Earth-friendly activities.