Sticky-Notes Meet Stick Figures


Locally owned business So it Goes Coffeehouse is currently hosting a post-it note art show. Artist Grant Hoskins of Southern Oregon is the one behind the Post-it notes.

 “I always try to do something that doesn’t reinforce the status quo and if you can put something in my art against it, then that’s the ultimate goal,” Hoskins said. 

He has had his artwork displayed in multiple art galleries overseas, and is featured on music album covers. He also does street art in Southern California.

 “My favorite part of being an artist is the process that I have to do everyday,” said Hoskins. “I have this feeling to do it everyday, even if it’s not successful and ends up in the trash, it’s the process that’s most fulfilling.”

Art is a huge part of Hoskins’ life. He looks for art everywhere and is always thinking of things to draw and coming up with new ideas and inspiration. 

“I’ve been doing art ever since I could pick up a crayon,” he said. 

The Post-it note show is not the only art that has been displayed at So It Goes Coffeehouse. Owners John Bean and Daneal Doerr like adding art to their customer’s experiences whenever possible. It also creates a fun work environment.

“For us here at the coffee shop one of the things we are very dedicated to is current living art,” said Bean. “Grant’s work is immediate, you can see the detail in it, you can see the quality in it, he’s an incredibly accomplished New-Yorker level illustrator,”

 At So it Goes Coffeehouse, people are able to put in art commissions for their art to be displayed. They focus on local artists frequently.

“One thing we try to do is get something you’re not gonna see here or anywhere else,” said Bean. “I doubt you’ll ever see a Post-it note art show, it’s a one of a kind thing.”