Poor sportsmanship among parents takes fun out of the game

By Ty Bunnell | Opinion Editor

From those complaining about a botched play, to others cheering for their favorite players, screaming fans are a typical occurrence at sporting events. To a degree, this enthusiasm is a welcome aspect to the experience. For school sports, it is encouraged for parents to enjoy watching their children play. However, some parents have taken it too far by yelling at the referees or other players for various reasons. This causes more drama than is necessary; parents should simply support their children and not argue with the officials whenever something occurs they do not agree with.

How many times has a call been reversed due to parent input? Though it may have happened before, I have never seen it. The chances of it occurring are slim to none. Parents who are yelling insults are wasting their time with these ineffective comments. Parents need to allow the coaches and referees to do their jobs and trust they will do them properly. In extreme cases, this type of behavior can even lead to being kicked out of the game. There is no benefit to parents heckling.

Every kid on the court loves being cheered for, but no one likes being booed. Parents and fans attending these games should be supportive and not negative. Also, most people attending sporting events are just trying to enjoy them and do not want to listen to another spectator complain. Not only can obnoxious parents disturb a player or referee, he or she may drag other spectators into the ordeal. It does not help one’s child to act like an imbecile at sporting events.

Games are meant to be exciting. After all, that is what fans are there for. Most people who care about the game and who are focused on it cannot help but to make a couple comments throughout the game, which is perfectly fine. But the people who can not hold in their negative thoughts and complain all the time make the game less fun for everyone.

Sporting events are meant to be fun, and when all is said and done, it is just a game. It is not appropriate to get so angry that one turns into someone that no one wants to be seen with, especially when it will not result in anything positive. Parents need to just take a breath and relax and enjoy watching their children play. Treasure it while it lasts.