Hunger Games Food Drive



A food drive with a twist has been attracting attention near the main office.
A few weeks ago, the yearly food drive started and students began donating non-perishable items to the cause. This year, the food drive is Hunger Games-themed, and each class represents a “district,” such as District eight, District nine, etc., and competes to collect the most donations for people in need. Every week, a “district” is eliminated if it has the least amount of food. If eliminated students still want to participate, they can donate into another district’s box. Last week, the sophomore class was eliminated, and one more class will be eliminated this Friday.

Senior Jenny Shaffer, student body president, said the theme came from vice president Cameron Trujillo who heard about the idea at a leadership camp they attended.

According to Shaffer, the donated items may also include toothpaste, toilet paper or any other essential items that people are in need of.

“It doesn’t just have to be food,” Shaffer said.

According to Shaffer, this is an act of kindness that is expected of our school and it can greatly affect people’s lives living around us. The food is donated and goes through Salvation Army directly to people will use it.

“The food is all donated to people in need,” Shaffer said. “This really helps our people in the community.”