Why the Clippers will win the 2015-16 NBA championship



May 17 sadly ended the 2015 playoffs for the Los Angeles Clippers.

A beard-fueled comeback, led by MVP candidate James Harden, took the Houston Rockets over the Los Angeles Clippers 113-100, winning the second round.


The Clippers led the series 3-1 at one point.


Why did the Clips collapse? Did Blake Griffin and his whining annoy his teammates to the point of exhaustion? Did Chris Paul get blamed for everything, ever?


Well, considering CP3 played an average of 34 minutes (not playing in the first two games of the series, but by game 7 he was playing 45 minutes), he put in good work with an average of 10 assists, which he is best known for.


With all the Paul-shaming aside, his team fell apart with a seemingly easy trip to the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors. There have been nine cases where a team leading a series 3-1 ended up losing, with the Clippers being the most recent.


But with the painful postseason behind them, and a good offseason, the Clippers are the team to watch for.


Aside from the DeAndre Jordan drama, the Clips were able to pick up many good free agents in Paul Pierce, Wesley Johnson, Josh Smith, and less notably, the league’s worst three point shooting shooting guard, Lance Stephenson.


What the LA Clippers were missing last year in the postseason was true depth in their team. While they do have two time Sixth-Man-of-the-Year, Jamal Crawford, the bench’s inability to be consistent limited the team in a number of ways.


With trading and free agency doing them well, they will have many more assets to work with throughout the year.


I have always enjoyed to watch the Clippers as they are, more than anything, a showman’s team. They love getting points from alley oops to Griffin and Jordan, with league assist leader Paul typically behind the passes.


Do I believe that the Los Angeles Clippers can win a championship? They will have a very good shot at it.