Editorial: Seventh graders have opportunity to excel

Eighth graders are no longer the youngest grade to attend Marshfield. A program has been instituted to bring advanced seventh graders to the high school to take eighth grade, and in some cases, high school classes. The hope is these advanced students will be challenged and able to take mostly college classes their senior year and graduate with an Associate’s Degree along with their high school diploma. This is an excellent opportunity many would love to take advantage of. It is important that funding continues for this program. However, a more organized and encompassing approach needs to be taken, and support in admitting students into the program needs to improve.
Students were selected from the sixth grade advanced math and English intervention periods at their schools and given tests to determine who was sent to the high school. It is imperative that a fair opportunity is extended to all seventh graders hoping to take part in this program. In addition, it is important that all students and their parents are informed of this prospect to get ahead. This program is vital for advanced students not only in the opportunity to advance, but also to challenge students who feel bored in class. It is essential this opening is available to all.

Due to already overcrowded classes at Marshfield, it is difficult for many seventh graders to attend advanced classes. Overflowing classes are preventing seventh graders from taking classes in Spanish, history and the arts. Before seventh graders can broaden the amount of classes they take, it is necessary for the classes to become more reasonable in size. Funding may make it tough for this to be possible, but it is another crucial facet of this program that must be fulfilled.

This opportunity opens up exciting new possibilities for all upcoming students in the Coos Bay School District and it is commendable the program has been created. By giving equal opportunity to all and providing reasonable class sizes, seventh graders will be able to flourish at Marshfield.