A new addition to Marshfield staff

By Ashley Barbian | A&E Editor

After several years of working throughout the school district, Lynn Scott has returned to Marshfield. Scott became the Main Office secretary in early December after Shelly Fuller moved to the District Office

“She has been a wonderful addition,” Principal Greg Mulkey said. “She brings some of her own strengths back to Marshfield.”

This is not Scott’s first time working with the school.

“I first worked at Marshfield in the office in 2009, working as a substitute in the athletic office and doing other miscellaneous jobs,” Scott said. “Then I moved into different substituting positions throughout the Coos Bay School District. When the opportunity came about for me to work at Marshfield again, I happily took the chance.”

Scott was born in Iowa but has lived in the Bay Area since she was eight years old. She graduated from MHS in 1979. She stayed in Coos Bay, married and raised three children who followed in her footsteps by also attending Marshfield. Two of her children, Tav and Mackenzie Scott, graduated with honors, while her youngest child, Kelsey Scott, is a junior. All three have been very involved in various activities.

“Personally, I did not participate in any sports or activities here at Marshfield, but all of my children participated in multiple sports, and I love to go out and support all of the teams here,” Scott said.

Kelsey is happy to have her mother working at Marshfield.

“I like having my mom at school,” Kelsey said. “It’s nice because if I need anything during the school day I know I can find her.  It’s also nice to have her schedule match mine.”

Outside of work, Scott is an active leader in the Coos Bay Young Life program. Young Life is a Christian based outreach program for teens throughout the country. Sophomore Holly Zink has benefitted from Scott’s helpful nature.

“Lynn is a person that is easy to talk to,” Zink said. “She is a very nice adult to have at Young Life, and I’m really glad she works here now as well.”

Kelsey said the position seems to be a natural fit for her mom.

“She seemed to make a very smooth transition here to Marshfield from all of her subbing jobs, and she was very happy when she began working here again,” Kelsey said. “It was like she finally was doing a job she really loved.”

Scott said she was welcomed with open arms at MHS and her transition into a full-time position was an easy adjustment.

“I love Marshfield and I am very happy to be back,” Scott said. “There is just something special that draws me to this school.”