Displaying confederate flag is disrespectful

A hot topic snowballing into debate is the displaying of the well-known symbol of the Confederate Flag. The only somewhat valuable claim to be made about openly showing the flag is the constitutional right, freedom of speech. For me, having to explain why the representation of the Confederate Flag is offensive and wrong is similar to having to explain why murder is wrong.
The history behind the flag is to claim states’ rights. It was a Southern battle flag used in the Civil War, but to say it has the same meaning today is outrageous. When supporters of the Flag say, “The war wasn’t about racism, it was about economics,” it makes me angry. Part of the South’s economic wealth stemmed from owning slaves. Citizens in the South literally owned other people and it is beyond me as to why someone would want to support that kind of heritage.

Original connotations of items and symbols have been skewed all throughout history. The swastika, for example, used to mean “peace.” After the Holocaust however, when it was used as the symbol behind Nazis and the mass genocide they inflicted upon so many, the symbol’s meaning was obviously changed. Swastikas are not flown on the back of German people’s cars simply because their ancestors fought in World War II.

The same should be true in the case of the Confederate Flag. The Flag shows blatant disrespect and racism. To show Southern pride with the Confederate Flag is offensive and wrong. According to history teacher Debbie Brown, the flag is very much about racism.

“It’s ignorant,” Brown said. “It’s a refusal to acknowledge other people’s feelings.”

Confederate Flags should not be flown openly. I should not walk onto campus and immediately feel offended and uncomfortable because people want to wave their Southern pride on the back of their pickup trucks or wear it on their shirts. It is one thing to embrace your freedom of speech, but it is a whole different story when it is something that disrespects so many people.