NBA Finals Preview

With the NBA Finals beginning tonight, we take a look at three individual matchups that could determine determine victory or defeat for either the Cavaliers or the Warriors.
1.        Steph Curry vs. Kyrie Irving: With the NBA MVP Steph Curry looking to make history and lead his Warriors to the first team title since 1975. He matches up against the fourth year point guard out of Duke University, Kyrie Irving. Obviously the nod goes to Curry, being the MVP of the league, but Irving is no slouch either, averaging 21.7 points per game, he has the innate ability to take over a game at any moment. But the MVP will not be stopped. Edge: Steph Curry

2.       Klay Thompson vs. J.R. Smith: In a matchup of two pure shooters, the series will likely be determined by the play of these two players. Klay Thompson, arguably the best supplementary player in the NBA coming off a great regular season, but a recent concussion has stopped progress and may leave Thompson not playing at full potential for the duration of the Finals. J.R. Smith on the other hand has been red hot as of late and has propelled his Cavs to a four game sweep of the Atlanta Hawks.

3.       Lebron James vs. Draymond Green: In the most compelling matchup, arguably the greatest player in the NBA this decade, goes up against arguably the best defender in the NBA. There is not much to talk about with this matchup besides the fact that whoever wins the battle will propel their team to an NBA Championship.