Non traditional sports peak interest

Although most people may not participate in unconventional athletic activities, multiple people in the Bay Area partake in non-traditional sports.
Football, basketball, baseball and track are some of the sports that take the spotlight. However, some put their focus on other, less recognized sports, such as hunting or fishing.

According to senior Hunter Olson, he would almost rather be hunting than playing any school sanctioned sports.

“There’s just something about the early mornings and being in the fresh air that you just can’t find anywhere else,” Olson said. “That makes it amazing,”

According to Olson, hunters never seem to forget where, when and how they shot their first animal.

“The feeling of shooting your first buck is unbelievable,” Olson said.  “It’s unexplainable. It is something I will always remember.”

Senior Tyler Yeager said he enjoys hunting more than other sports, mainly because sports get in the way of some hunting seasons.

“I like hunting more than school sports, even though I don’t win state championships or anything, I have just as much fun.” Yeager said.

Hunting is not just a free for all. There are seasons for deer, elk and all other game. Usually seasons have two parts, bow and rifle. Junior Cole Smith participates in both.

“I usually get a bow and rifle tag, but I like bow hunting a little more,” Smith said.

When someone goes hunting there is no guarantee that they will get anything, but it is just as fun either way, according to Yeager.

“Even when you don’t get anything it is still super fun,” Yeager said. “It’s really hard to not enjoy being outdoors with your friends or dad.”

According to sophomore Francis Jones, fishing is his way to escape the everyday stress of high school. He said it is a valuable opportunity for him to just relax and unwind.

“It’s very peaceful,” Jones said. “I think everyone should try it, even if you don’t catch anything it is still a great time.”

Although fishing and hunting are popular untraditional sports among students at MHS, they are not the only ones. Various clubs throughout the school offer sports like surfing, hiking, kayaking, disc golf and equestrian. According to Jones, he thinks it is very important to get involved even if it is with a sport that not many people recognize.

“There is something for everyone,” Jones said. “Even if football or basketball is not your thing.”