“Once a Pirate, always a Pirate”



Local man Ted Johnson is dedicated to his Pirates.
Former Marshfield student Ted Johnson has embodied the virtues of the school, earning the nickname “Pirate Ted.” He was in the Marshfield graduating class of 1974. According to fellow classmate Bruce Caprani, the ASB program admired Ted’s enthusiasm and pirate pride. Class of 1974 student body president Tony Crawford decided to fundraise money to provide Pirate Ted with a letterman’s jacket.

“He would wear that letterman’s jacket everywhere,” Caprani said. “One time he crashed his bike and tore a hole in his jacket. He was more worried about getting himself a new jacket than repairing his wrecked bike.”

As the years went on, Pirate Ted’s love for the Pirates was noticed by many, according to vice principal Bryan Trendell. Although Trendell attended high school shortly after Pirate Ted’s graduation, he recognized his involvement in school activities just from being a community member.

“He was one of our biggest supporters,” Trendell said. “He would ring the Pirate bell after a touchdown or during the beginning of basketball games.”

Trendell said Pirate Ted stayed around after graduating, and began working for the school district and coming to every football game.

“He worked as a custodian for a while when he was first out of high school,” Trendell said. “He has always been a true blue Pirate fan, thus the name Pirate Ted was born.”

Pirate Ted still lives in the community and still loves his Pirates. According to him, the phrase “Once a Pirate Always a Pirate” is something that he takes very seriously to this day.

Pirate Ted said his special education teacher Ms. Gier encouraged him throughout high school.

“Ms. Gier was awesome,” Pirate Ted said. “She really helped me.”

Ted’s love for the Pirates will never die, according to Trendell.

“When he was a custodian they had trouble getting him to do his job on nights when the Pirates would play,” Trendell said. “He loved the Pirates then, and he loves them now.”

Pirate Ted said he expresses his love for the Pirates whenever he can. Passionately looking at Marshfield, he showed his loyalty with his infamous line.

“Once a pirate always a pirate,” Pirate Ted said. “Pirates baby, yeah!”