Holidays bring relaxation and joy

It is the most wonderful time of the year.
The holiday season is here. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years are the primary holidays that come to mind when thinking about this remarkable season. Black Friday is not necessarily a holiday, but who does not love the idea of people leaving their Thanksgiving dinner early to fight at a local Wal-Mart over a television? Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and more importantly, eating, which is probably the best thing about the holiday season because many people get to enjoy large portions of amazing foods.

Besides eating loads of food, this season is also about giving thanks and showing appreciation for what one has. Some people take what they have for granted and do not appreciate it as much as they should. This is why nothing is better than helping others, seeing smiles and enjoying the holidays. This is especially true when one is helping people who need things more than they do, such as the homeless. Going to a store and buying gifts or food, or even volunteering at a soup kitchen for people in need is a great gesture during this holiday season.

Overall, there is just so much to enjoy about the holiday season, including going around the city to look at all the amazing decorations and Christmas lights, including the annual dazzling display at Shore Acres State Park. Families often participate in traditions during the Christmas season, such as decorating the house and the Christmas tree, family get-togethers, Christmas decorations, making gingerbread houses, drinking hot chocolate and cider, watching Christmas movies and listening to festive music.

Winter break is one of the most enjoyable parts of this time of year. It gives us time to relax and take a break from the work and stress of one’s education or job, giving people the opportunity to spend time with family and maybe enjoy some free time. Winter break is also a time for traveling and visiting with friends and family.

Some people enjoy the holidays because they like shopping for gifts for others and themselves. For some, waking up Christmas morning to presents under the Christmas tree is what makes Christmas morning so meaningful. This season was originated for religious reasons which is why many enjoy it. No matter what students, staff, community members and readers far and wideJAce enjoy most about the season, I hope everyone gets time to relax and spend time with their friends and family.