A Day at the Cafe



Throughout Marshfield, you can find students with part-time jobs they attend after school. These hard-working students put down the books and dawn their uniforms to make some money and add to their real-world savvy.
Senior Cora Messerle has been employed for the last year and a half at Kaffe 101 in downtown Coos Bay.

Messerle said she enjoys her job and the people she has gotten to know.

“The customers are very nice,” Messerle said. “It’s been really fun to get to know them.”

When it comes to working at the Kaffe, Messerle is a jack of all trades. Her duties include making the food and drinks, taking orders, cleaning tables and keeping the kitchen tidy.

Messerle works in order to save for college and aid in paying for her utilities.

“It’s nice to be able to put a little away for college,” Messerle said.