Pirates show support for Duck Coach Mark Helfrich, a 1992 graduate



Out of respect for Marshfield High School graduate Mark Helfrich, the student body was encouraged to gather Friday morning armed in green and yellow for a picture to later be sent to the Duck’s Head football coach himself as a good luck message from the Pirates.
A reporter from The New York Times made an appearance on campus Tuesday, and Principal Doug Holland received various calls from ESPN requesting information on Helfrich to report before Monday’s national championship game.

“I think the direction of the article is: How did our community and MHS prompt him to become who he is?” Holland said.

According to Holland, Helfrich is always dropping references to Marshfield when featured on programs.

“This is where his roots are. He is a Pirate,” Holland said.

Holland said he is optimistic about the outcome of the game, and believes this is a one-time opportunity for Marshfield to show its support.

“This is an amazing opportunity for a good, good man,” Holland said. “Let’s get everybody to wear green and say good luck from the Pirates.”

The picture, featuring students staff and community members, was taken from atop the roof of the Main Building and was sent to Helfrich immediately.

Students, staff and community members gathered on the front lawn of Marshfield High School Friday morning for a picture to be taken and sent to the Ducks Head Football Coach, Mark Helfrich, a 1992 Pirate graduate, and sent to him as a token of good luck.