Senior parents hold chili cookoff fundraiser

By Frank Montenegro | Distribution Manager

Take a lot of chili, add some pie, mix in a little competition, and a new fundraising event earned $1000 for the annual senior all night party.

On Friday, Jan. 20, approximately 100 supporters feasted on a chili and cornbread meal for $5 per person, with all funds going towards a party to be held on graduation night for the class of 2012. Head coordinator for the senior all night party, Michelle Marroquin, envisioned and organized the event, which included the chili meal, a chili cook-off competition, a pie-eating contest and silent auction. Marroquin was thrilled with the results.

“We raised exactly $1,000 and had a pretty good showing even though the weather conditions were terrible,” Marroquin said.

Ten contestants, the first to express interest to Marroquin to compete, entered their unique chili concoctions.  After judging by Oregon Coast Culinary Institute staff, including Lynne Whitley, Elaine Miles was named the first place winner and earned $100. Laura Garcia was the runner-up and won $75, while senior Nick Mayhew earned $50 for his third place chili.

Entertainment was provided by the ten senior boys participating in the Mr. MHS program who participated in a pie eating contest. The boys stuffed their faces in pie for two whole minutes and Mason Anderson was ultimately named the winner.

“I started off by sitting on the table focusing, but once they said go, I slammed my face into the pie and started eating as fast I could,” Anderson said. “I felt the pie going up my nose and by the time I got half way through the second pie I realized I couldn’t breathe. I took a second to catch my breath, then slammed my face once again on the pie ‘til they told us to stop.”

A silent auction with over 20 items available for attendants to bid on, also earned money for the all night party. Marroquin  expressed her gratitude for those who attended.

“There was a terrific group of MHS Pirates that came and supported the event,” Marroquin said. “I really enjoyed seeing a smile on everyone’s faces as they watched the pie eating contest.”

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