A dodging good cause



Last Wednesday night the Mr. MHS program put on a ten-team dodgeball tournament to raise money toward making Thanksgiving baskets to give to local families in need for the holiday.
The teams were composed of six players each, including one Mr. MHS candidate and his senior girl, and four other players they selected to join them. Each team dressed according to a theme including Spencer Fromm and Mariss Steven’s “Rednecks,” Colby Gillett and Hayley Engel’s team of “Track stars,” John Hampton and Daysha Browne’s “Holiday Squad,” Jacob Klein and Ashley Peters’ “80s Workout Crew,” Hunter Olson and Desiree Guirado’s “Superheroes,” Tyler Yeager and Katelyn Rossback’s “Star Wars,” Andrew Sharp and Jade Chavez’s “9’ers,” and Derek Seevers and Shasta Banks’ “Hail America.”

According to head coordinator Alysen Barker, the tournament raised $884.

“The money that we raised at the dodgeball tournament and including the $60 sponsorships that each team got, they go toward Thanksgiving baskets that we make,” Barker said.” “It’s a pre-cooked meal, we make ten of them, and give them to needy families who don’t have food and the kitchen appliances needed.”

Additionally, two staff teams also competed. One team included Bruce Bryant, Doug Fendall, Linda George, Kelly Haut, Floyd Montiel and Brooke Toy as “The Big Wigs” and a second team made up of Chelsea Burns, Scott Carpenter, Kevin Guthrie, Dominic Montiel and Tammie Montiel.

Olson’s team of Superheroes won the tournament and earned a trophy for their efforts.