State’s Finest



Photo by Katie Whitty.
The loud, cohesive student section makes its presence felt.

An often forgotten factor in the outcome of a game, the student section at Marshfield is pushing teams to new heights, and other teams are noticing.

Junior Kayce Mock, a volleyball player at Sutherlin High School, said the students at Marshfield do a great job cheering on their team.

“It’s [the student section] definitely loud,” Mock said. “They’re into the game the entire time.”

Mock said the student section had an impact on Sutherlin’s loss to Marshfield on Sept. 2.

“In that game, the student section definitely made a difference,” Mock said.

Head volleyball coach Tammie Montiel said the student section is not only loud but stands out in the Far West League.

“Other teams aren’t used to having a large crowd and they get rattled,” Montiel said.

Mock said the student section is not only among the elite in the league but ranks number one.

“It’s definitely at the top,” Mock said.

In addition to the student section helping the team achieve ideal momentum swings, Montiel said the student section helps volleyball players to engage in a key aspect to success on the court.

“The energy from the student section helps us communicate, and volleyball needs a lot of communication,” Montiel said.

Head basketball coach Doug Miles saw his team go from only winning three games in 2012 to winning the Far West League title in 2013. He said the student section had a big part in the abrupt change.

“The atmosphere in the gym played a big part,” Miles said. “It really did help with the team’s success.”

The football team has also seen improvement, going from a two win season in 2013, to sitting at 5-1 through the first six games this year. Varsity football player, junior Isaac Smith said the student section inspires him to play his best.

“When the crowd gets pumped, you get pumped up, and you want to do your best,” Smith said.

However, Smith said the student section can occasionally have a negative effect.

“Sometimes I get nervous living up to the student’s expectations,” Smith said.

Montiel said although the student section has been troublesome, that is now in the past.

“A few years back, we had complaints of the student section, but recently its been all positive,” Montiel said.

Smith said the student section will continue to help Marshfield sports teams thrive.

“The student section is growing,” Smith said. “I think over the years we will get more and more students.”

Junior DJ Herrington, who has been avidly involved in the student section, said the wins are starting a cycle of increased involvement.

“Students are the fans of success,” Herrington said. “When the wins come, people come.”