McCullough Bridge Accident
Wednesday night a Ford F-150 went sliding into the bay off of the construction site under the local McCullough Bridge. The workers’ bridge underneath the main bridge was the site in which the accident happened, and according to North Bend Police Chief Robert Kappelman, the vehicle apparently fell from the work platform under the bridge into the bay.

In response to the accident, Mast Bros. Towing and the Lakeside Fire Department dive team was put on the job to retrieve the vehicle. According to Mast Bros Towing, it took hours to pull the truck out of the water after the dive team successfully hooked the truck up. Once the truck was retrieved, severe damage became apparent on the truck. The sides of the F-150 were caved in, the cab was smashed and the windshield was spider webbed. In addition to the damage of the truck, one man has been proclaimed dead.

Due to the accident, North Bend School District busses were put on restricted routes and were delayed due to the bridge closure. Many others using the McCullough Bridge including the busses, have been rerouted around the bay, on East Bay drive, causing massive delays and traffic jams.