Heritage Hall Opening




After two years of work to make vision a reality, Heritage Hall was opened to the community with a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony last weekend. The former wrestling room inside the main gym was recreated into a room showing off achievements made at Marshfield since the 1900s.

Heritage Hall committee members dedicate time, energy and resources to create Heritage Hall, they include Boyd Bjorkquist, Mike George, Greg Mulkey, Mary Paczesniak, Sandy Reiber, Butch Shields, Nancy Tedder and Bryan Trendell. Trendell, MHS Assistant Principal, said Marshfield had trophy cases and awards here and there all over the school.

“We decided, why couldn’t we have a place where everything comes together?” Trendell said.

The room has cabinets lined up on one side full of memorabilia, and on the other side there are panels full of pictures, one for each decade of Marshfield’s history. There is also a serving area for catering dinners and a balcony overlooking Coos Bay.

Reiber said the brainstorming started two years ago. She said after they had the idea, they had to go out and find the money to build Heritage Hall, which will now be used for events such as class reunions or sports desserts.

George said the committee found pictures by looking through old Mahiscan year books, Ma-Hi Times newspapers and the information in the school.

“We got all the stuff and then sat down and decided what we would use and what would go where,” George said.

One of the main attractions in Heritage Hall is the grandfather clock displayed in the corner. Several decades ago it was used to ring the bell in the former East Branch Building. It was one of the many items donated to Heritage Hall.

“It’s amazing to see all the history,” Trendell said.