Bowling team strikes sucess

The 2013-14 boys bowling team has six members, including senior Jayse Morgan, juniors, David Haynes, Alex Minyard and Tyler Vassar, sophomore Jordan Clark and freshman Michael Villers.The team average score is between 190-200.
Jayse Morgan and Jordan Clark have the highest individual average and they both bowl about 195.
The team is coached by Luke Clark, Jordan’s father, who has been coaching for two years and will continue to coach at least until his son graduates in 2016. Clark said his team has performed well.
“We’ve had a good season and only didn’t place at one of the tournaments once,” Luke said.
Haynes has been on the team for three years and said bowling has impacted his life a significant amount.
“Bowling is 20 percent physical and 80 percent mental, and it’s my sport. My coach told me I could go pro and I think I might after college,” Haynes said.
The boys went to state Feb. 22 and 23 along with eight other teams who each placed variously first- eighth. They made it to finals, but the scoring is different so they do not have an exact placement.
“State was amazingly fun. Our team had a great time actually going somewhere else besides Eugene for a tournament,” Haynes said.
Prior to state competition, the team competed in January at their district competition in Eugene and placed first. They won not only the district title but scholarship money too.
“Districts were really exciting. We came in, we brought our A game and we won first,” Haynes said. “We were really happy to finish on the top and be going to state.”
The team typically practices three or four days a week at North Bend Lanes.
“They’re [the boys] practicing right now five days a week for about an hour and a half or so,” Luke said.
Jordan Clark, who has won several medals said he enjoys having his dad as his coach for the most part.
“It’s a little different because I have to put up with him most of the day and at times it’s complicated, but it’s honestly not bad,” Jordan said.