Our Team

Our team here at The Marshfield Times is dedicated to bringing you the best quality online stories and print journalism.


Rosy Cervantes


Rosy Cervantes is a four year member of The Marshfield Times staff. In the past she has worked as a Photographer, Reporter, Distribution Manager and is this year’s Editor-In-Chief. Cervantes is also the head coordinator for the Mr. MHS pageant, National Honor Society publicist and Science National Honor Society  member. She challenges herself in the classroom by taking classes such as AP Biology and US History. After high school, she plans on attending Southwestern Oregon Community College and later attending Pacific University.


Rachel Simon

Managing Editor

Rachel Simon is a third year member and senior on The Marshfield Times staff. She is Co-Managing Editor as well as a Copy Editor and Reporter. She is also involved with the Marshfield Speech and Debate team, National Honor Society, Associated Student Body, and the Mr. MHS Share Bear Snack Program. She is trying to enjoy her last year of high school, but is more than excited to see what the future has in store for her.


Alli Putman

Managing Editor

Allison Putman is a senior and third year member of The Marshfield Times. Allison is ecstatic to be on the staff again this year, as well as taking on the role of managing editor. She is captain of the Marshfield Upbeats dance team, vice president of concert choir, vice president of National Honor Society and a member of Z-Club. In her free time, she enjoys writing, photography and listening to music. Her future plans include graduating high school and attending SWOCC, then traveling to attend ASU. This year in school she plans to keep a 3.5 GPA and have a lot of fun.

Riley Kirby

Managing Editor of Design and Photography 

Senior Riley Kirby is the Managing Editor of Design and the Photography Editor of The Marshfield Times. The vast majority of her time is spent crying, writing, memorizing lines for Speech and Debate, attempting to motivate her friends, and crying. Her main interests include adventuring, watching New Girl, reading and helping others because she can’t help herself. After graduating high school, she plans on going into crippling debt in order to follow her dreams of being a journalist and defense attorney. She does not enjoy writing about herself.

Phillip Hernandez

Managing Editor of Copy

Phillip Hernandez is the Managing Editor of Copy for The Marshfield Times newspaper staff. He is a junior at Marshfield and a third-year member of the staff. Hernandez is involved in many activities at MHS involving football, track and National Honor Society. He challenges himself academically by taking several college level classes. He is planning on attending a four-year college and majoring in biomedical engineering before moving on to medical school. His plan is to become an orthopedic surgeon, possibly in the Army Medical Corp.

Michael Ebenal


Michael Ebenal is a second year journalism student who is easily excited and not much else. He loves animals, especially dogs and fish. He is a Senior who was once mistaken as a freshman and his favorite food is hamburgers. His hobbies include reading books, running with his dog, listening to music, eating, sleeping, and muttering crazily. He is currently enrolled in AP Calculus, College Writing, and is a member of National Honor Society. He hopes to go on a mission for his church and then attend Brigham Young University with a major in computer science.


Julia Mapilisan

Managing Artist

Senior Julia Mapilisan is the Cartoonist for The Marshfield Times and has been a member of the staff for four years. In the past, Mapilisan has won State and National awards for her illustrations. Other than journalism, she is involved in National Honor Society, Z Club and Concert Choir as well as maintaining a 3.5 GPA throughout her high school career. In her free time she enjoys watching Bob’s Burgers, making cringe-worthy puns, playing the guitar and finding dogs to pet. After high school, Mapilisan hopes to pursue an artistic career as either a florist, cartoonist or graphic designer.

Matthew Hampton


Matthew Hampton is an average teenager. He eats food and drinks liquid. He shockingly is Americas next top model runner up. He knows the secret krabby patty formula. He is not ignorant and sarcastic. He is an avid fan of the animal known as the dolphin. He runs track. He does forensics. He loves poptarts. He is also the reigning homecoming queen and is surprisingly good at back massages. He likes to talk in third person. He is a sophomore at Marshfield high school.

AJ Lovell


A.J. Lovell is a third year Marshfield Times member. He is a page editor and reporter. He is also competing in Mr. MHS. He enjoys listening to, playing, and creating music of all kinds. He has been drumming for five years and aims to become a more experienced musician. He also enjoys nature and being out in the wilderness. He likes to hunt, fish, hike, camp, and other outdoor activities. After graduating high school he plans on attending Swocc for two years and then joining the Navy. After or during the Navy he plans on continuing his study and getting at least a four year degree.


Jace Sperling


Jace Sperling is a senior and is a third year member of The Marshfield Times. He is currently unsure of what he is doing in life, all he knows is that at the end of the day, he gets to watch New Girl and also Burger King will always have 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49. What a steal, am I right? I mean, “am Jace right?” Grammer? Where am I going wrong? Oh, right, Jace is supposed to be writing in third-person. Jace is grateful for his opportunities in high school, and is okay with what he has done.

Hannah Kirk


Senior Hannah Kirk is a second year member on the journalism staff and looks forward to what may come. She is currently a designer on the staff and plans to continue through the end of her high school career. Hannah is involved in choir as a section leader and also is the captain of the MHS swim team. She enjoys working with children and when she is not in school or at practice, she is usually babysitting. In her free time she enjoys having her nose in a book or practicing her music. After high school she plans to attend college to become an elementary school teacher.

Andrew Post


Andrew Post is a first year member of The Marshfield Times journalism staff. He is a senior in high school and also a captain of the varsity football team. When Andrew is not at school he enjoys playing video games, reading and watching television. He enjoys working with computers, whether it be building them or playing games. After high school he hopes to attend a college and pursue a degree in Computer Science. Andrew is looking forward to a great year working with the many talented members of The Marshfield Times.


Spencer Mead


Spencer Mead is a first year member of The Marshfield Times staff. He is a photographer and reporter for the paper. On his spare time he enjoys PC gaming, perusing dank memes, and PC gaming. He built his own computer which over time has destroyed over 1337 other players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. He often enjoys slyly slipping in references to internet culture in his various writings. Some more obvious than others. Spencer is a huge fan of the YouTubers TVFilthyFrank and H3H3Productions. He really does need to get a life though. Like really.


Jessica Baimbridge


Jessica Baimbridge is a second-year member of The Marshfield Times staff. An opportunity-seeking junior, she enjoys playing ukulele in her spare time.  She is secretary of Science National Honor Society, and is a member of National Honor Society, the Symphonic Band, and the Speech and Debate team. A lively student life has led Jessica to become a drum major in the MHS marching band. Jessica dreams of graduating as a well-rounded student with plenty of scholarships to go to a four-year university.


Zach Kellar


Zach Kellar is a junior and second year member of the Marshfield Times and plans on being on the staff for all of his high school experience. He can be found interviewing people, writing stories and working with advertising. Aside from working with the paper, Zach is a part of the Marshfield football, basketball and track team. He also loves to skateboard and hang out with friends. Zach is dedicated to help make The Marshfield Times be the best paper it can be.

Jorda Harlow


Jorda Harlow is a junior at Marshfield high school and a first year member on the journalism  staff. She's involved in Z club and speech and debate. Her first her of Speech and debate she qualified for state in humorous interpretation and competed at the state tournament making it all the way to semi- finals. She loves writing and performing. She competes in poetry slams and plans on publishing a book in the near future. She plans on attending U of O and majoring in advertisement and communications.

Isabella Webster


Junior Isabella Webster is second year member to The Marshfield Times staff. She is excited to see the growth of the newspaper this year. She is a three sport athlete participating in cross country, basketball and softball. Along with sports, Isabella is involved in National Honor Society and Science National Honors Society. She challenges herself with difficult courses such as college writing, trigonometry, Spanish three and AP Biology. She enjoys outdoor activities, hanging out with her friends, her dog charlotte and traveling.

Liam Webster


Liam Webster is a freshman and first year staff member of The Marshfield Times. Liam Webster is the younger brother of fellow staff member Isabella Webster. Liam participates in football during the fall and baseball during the spring. Liam also has a passion to push himself on the daily by putting in effort in all of his classes, staying organized and keeping on top of his grades. Liam also enjoys surfing and skiing when he get the chance to. Liam is unsure of what he wants to do in the future, but he is excited to see what high school will turn him to pursue.


Kieran Sisneros


Kieran Sisneros is a reporter, designer and a first year member of The Marshfield Times and a sophomore at Marshfield High School. He is involved in football and is a part of the theatre program. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, sports, listening to music, playing video games, eating and relaxing. His time is mostly spent doing these things or doing homework for school. Kieran hopes to attend a four year university and later become a lawyer. Kieran values his family and friends and is very happy that he has all of his loved ones involved in his life.


Sierra Ward


Sophomore Sierra Ward is a first year member of the Marshfield Times staff. She is a normal teenager who seeks adventure everywhere she goes, playing both volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring. As clarinet section leader she is active in pep band, marching band and symphonic band. Sierra has many goals she wants to achieve during high school including speaking spanish fluently, becoming a member of Z-club, joining National Honor Society, and becoming a three sport athlete. She is also working towards her goals of attending the University of Oregon and becoming an  English professor. She is enjoying high school and is embracing every moment of it.


Jacob Dean


Jacob dean is a first year member on The Marshfield Times journalism staff. He is currently a junior and is involved in football and track. When he isn't in school he enjoys watching sports, hanging out with friends, going to the beach and exploring. He loves trying new things. The ocean is very interesting to him and wants to learn how to surf. He wants to attend college in the future and join the military when he is older. He is often seen with his best friend Zach Kellar. They are both on the staff and Jacob looks forward to a good year of being a journalist.


Charis Niblett


Charis Niblett is a first year journalism student.

McKena Pederson


McKena Pederson a first year member on The Marshfield Times staff. McKena is one of 3 freshman on the staff this year. McKena is a member of the Marshfield Upbeats Dance Team as well. She enjoys playing the piano in her free time. She is also a habitual reader and always has a book on hand. In her reading she has visited Hogwarts and Camp Half-Blood. She has also had the privilege to meet Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and they are great people, according to her. She is  the oldest out of  5 kids in her family. She is looking forward to being on The Marshfield Times staff this year.

Alex Hernandez


Alex Hernandez is a freshman and first year member of The Marshfield Times newspaper staff. Alex is the younger brother of the newspaper's Managing Editor of Copy, Phillip Hernandez and son of Mary and Felipe Hernandez. He is a part of the Marshfield varsity soccer team. In his downtime, he enjoys playing games on his PC and talking to a multitude of people from all over the country. Aside from playing soccer and video games, Alex enjoys sleeping and takes every opportunity he gets to do so. After high school Alex plans to legally stab people, as a surgeon.