Solo and Ensemble Festival

The OSAA Solo and Ensemble festival took place last Saturday and featured four Marshfield students in the competition.

Junior Emily Kruse won the OMEA District 7 competition for a third time to earn herself a trip to state in the alto saxophone. She competed against 17 other musicians in Forest Grove.

“I worked on my piece for five months, practicing almost every day,” Kruse said.

Kruse decided to play Diversion by Bernhard Heiden in front of the judges. That performance earned her a fourth-place finish and a state medal.

“I had to pick a piece that not a lot of people would be playing, the judges get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again,” Kruse said. “I was hoping a unique piece would make my performance better.”

Junior AJ Kliewer and foreign exchange student Sen Lin Lao also competed on the trumpet and snare drum. They were joined by sophomore Emerald Russell who placed sixth overall.

According to Kliewer, the competition was very enjoyable. He said he played Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto.

“I had tons of fun, at districts I just played the second movement of my piece, so I had to learn the first in the few weeks before state,” Kliewer said. “It was really fun seeing everyone else play and being in Forest Grove. I’m glad I went.”

According to Kruse, she is already excited for next year to give an even better performance and earn an even larger medal.

“It was a great experience. I didn’t even want to stay for awards, but my mom said I should,” Kruse said. “Then they called my name and my mom started crying, it was awesome.”

MHS Fall 2016 Choir Concert

MHS Fall 2016 Choir Concert

The first choir concert with new director William Paget took place last Thursday, Oct. 25th. According to Paget, the concert was a huge success.

“It went really spectacularly,” Paget said.

Senior Ali Randle is a member of the concert choir and has been singing since the fifth grade. According to Randle, Paget has brought a different feeling to choir.

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Jungle Book Movie Review

Jungle Book Movie Review

If you’re looking for the bear necessities, or just want to forget about your worries and your strife, then pull up a movie seat because the new adaption of “The Jungle Book” is a surprisingly satisfying take on a classic. The story begins with Mowgli, the "man-cub," racing through the jungle with his wolf clan host family and his guardian, the black panther named Bagheera. 

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