A highly debated topic sparked a visit from a United States senator, Ron Wyden, to an appearance at the town hall meeting this past Sunday. The discussion of the Jordan Cove Energy Project was the primary cause of the senator’s visit. This project would allow a liquefied natural gas export site to be built on the North Spit of Coos Bay.
“We have natural gas here that the world wants. It could economically put Coos Bay back on the map,” Wyden Said.

Economic incentives have created an interest in the project by many, as an estimated 300 temporary construction jobs and 100 permanent family-wage jobs would be generated. However, an opposition to the project also was stated, as pollutants come along with natural gas.

“The big threat to natural gas is the methane that is emitted.” Wyden said.

Residents representing both sides showed up to the town hall meeting, which was so large it had to be moved to the Hales Center Auditorium at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Wyden welcomed both sides of the debate, and wishes for it to continue.

“What we try to do in Oregon is reject the D.C. approach where you shoot down every belief,” Wyden said.